Blog Posts in August, 2016

DRAM Shop Laws in Georgia

Driving on the road today can be a dangerous activity and the potential for an accident greatly increases when alcohol is involved. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ...
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Uber & Lyft Vehicle Accidents

If you have needed a taxi anytime in the past few years, chances are that you have used or heard of the companies Lyft and Uber. These are relatively new types of companies that offer an alternative ...
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Injuries on Ride at Lake Winnie Amusement Park

Two young boys, both age 9, were thrown from an amusement park attraction at Lake Winnie Amusement Park in Rossville, Georgia in late July. One of the boys suffered minor injuries, and the other ...
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Should Trampoline Safety Be Regulated by the Government?

Despite being routinely marketed as kid and family friendly outdoor equipment, trampolines cause tens of thousands of injuries each year, many of which are considered severe. While the majority of ...
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