The Benefits of Contingency Fees

If you are in search of an attorney to represent your personal injury case, it is highly recommended that you seek a lawyer that works on a contingency basis. When an attorney accepts a case on contingency, they are agreeing to represent you for free unless a case is handled successfully. If a recovery or settlement is reached, the lawyer will receive a portion of the awarded funds. If you lose in court, neither you nor the attorney will receive any money, but you will not be required to pay for any of the work that your lawyer did on your case. Oftentimes, contingency fees are set around 33% of the final settlement, though some lawyers have been known to demand as much as 50% for their services.

Contingency arrangements can be greatly beneficial if the burden of medical expenses have been placed on your shoulders after an accident. Since financial hardship is likely the reason why someone would seek compensation through a lawsuit in the first place, it is counterproductive for personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys to charge on an hourly basis. By placing payment on the outcome of a case, you can retain the services of an experienced attorney without the need to pay expensive up-front costs and legal fees.

Your attorney will often cover the following expenses:

  • Filing fees
  • Deposition costs
  • Fees for obtaining medical records

Since your lawyer will only make money in the event that they are able to secure a positive outcome for your case, they will be more inclined to work harder on your behalf in order to ensure they are also paid. Rather than settling for the first offer that should present itself, your lawyer will be willing to go the distance in order to secure the largest recovery possible. Therefore, contingency arrangements can be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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