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Are There Any Long-Term Health Effects from a Concussion?

Are There Any Long-Term Health Effects from a Concussion?

Although awareness is growing about the danger of concussions, this damaging injury is still a prevalent problem for athletes in contact sports. One study showed that nearly four million concussions occur each year and the majority of these take place during athletic events. It is clear that concussions are serious when they first occur, but do the consequences linger five years down the line?

In order to understand the long-term implications of a concussion, it can be helpful to first understand what happens when a concussion initially occurs. The brain floats in fluid inside of the skull. When the skull suffers a severe impact, the brain is jarred by the force and moves around inside the skull, resulting in a concussion.

How does a concussion affect a victim’s health?

Short-term symptoms include dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision. More serious concussions can even cause the victim to go into a coma and require special medical attention. While most side effects wear off quickly, they can surface again as time passes.

Victims of multiple concussions are especially susceptible to long-term health effects. These may manifest themselves in personality changes, memory problems, language impairment, and an inability to concentrate. It can be difficult to know whether lasting problems will exist, so it is important to periodically evaluate the victim to address potential complications at an early stage.

Athletes aren’t the only ones at risk for concussions, however. Car accident victims can also suffer and the results are equally serious. If you believe that your concussion was caused by someone else’s negligence, it is imperative that you consult with an Atlanta personal injury attorney. You may have the grounds to file a claim, which can help you recover compensation for your suffering.

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