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Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Every day throughout the country, someone gets behind the wheel of a car thinking they can make it home despite their exhaustion. Next thing they know, their choices resulted in a serious accident with permanent consequences. Drowsy driving is a real predicament and while simple to avoid, it often goes overlooked by drivers and safety awareness programs.

Understanding the risks of drowsy driving is paramount to reducing the problem. Furthermore, drivers should obtain awareness on how to prevent this behavior before getting behind the wheel. Keep reading to arm yourself with necessary and valuable knowledge.

What are the consequences of drowsy driving?

The effects of exhaustion are similar to alcohol in that your reaction times are slowed way down as a result. This gives you less time to react to other drivers and unexpected situations on the road. An impaired reaction time also means that your judgement is far less than what it should be, leading to dangerous circumstances.

Additionally, drowsy driving means that you are less vigilant when behind the wheel. You may be more inclined to speed up or slow down erratically, close your eyes “just for a second,” or allow yourself to be distracted by other things.

Driving while tired can also make you prone to overreacting. A simple mistake by another driver may cause you to become angry and lash out. Or, you may find yourself weaving between lanes and compensate too much to make up for it. This is known to cause serious accidents.

Protect yourself and others on the road!

Studies show that drowsy driving results in 71,000 injuries and over 1,500 deaths every single year. Fortunately, it is a fixable problem that simply takes a greater vigilance on behalf of all drivers. Implement the following tips to avoid drowsy driving:

  • Break up long periods of driving with stretch breaks, food stops, or even overnight stays at a hotel
  • Enlist another driver to share in the driving responsibilities
  • Avoid driving late at night or early in the morning
  • Watch for signs of exhaustion and take a break rather than trying to power through
Think of exhaustion like alcohol consumption – you wouldn’t drive drunk, so why drive drowsy? Serious accidents are often the result of such a decision and injuries can be devastating. If you or a loved one believe that someone else’s drowsy driving caused your accident, please reach out to my firm. I can review your case and help you file a claim to recover monetary compensation. Call to speak with an Atlanta car accident lawyer today!

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