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Accidents Caused by Truck Equipment Failure

Accidents Caused by Truck Equipment Failure

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has an extensive list of regulations that truck drivers and trucking companies need to follow to ensure that everyone on the road is as safe as can be around massive commercial trailers. From how many hours a trucker can be on the highway in a given workday to what state lines they can and cannot cross, the FMCSA does its best to regulate just about every aspect of 18-wheelers. One issue that is harder to control and often overlooked, however, is routine maintenance.

Drivers can falsify records to show that they did perform a complete check of their vehicle before leaving the warehouse; crews can use old parts unfitted for service; or the company owner might even try to get by without any safety inspections in order to save money. Whatever the reason for keeping a truck poorly maintained, it can lead to disaster.

Dangerously Common Forms of Equipment Failure

A big rig might be enormous and tank-like but it is still relatively delicate due to all of its moving parts and the stress its own weight can put upon its pieces. Inadequate maintenance can cause just one bit to malfunction or fail. While cruising down the highway, this can quickly cause loss of control and a major truck accident.

Forms of failure that are known to affect semi-trucks, new or old, include:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Complete airbrake failure
  • Snapped axles
  • Loose cargo restraints

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

If an equipment failure has led to a truck accident, compiling actual evidence of the cause is critical. Repair and maintenance records can be used in your advantage to prove that the truck was not suited for travel. You may even need to look at the parent company’s history of neglect.

The problem many people have after being hurt by a negligent truck driver is that they are not going up against just that trucker; instead, they need to take on entire companies that are ready to try to defeat their claims. Rather than dealing with them yourself, put a real powerhouse in your corner by retaining an Atlanta truck accident attorney from the Law Offices of K. Douglas Cook. I offer contingency fee agreements – meaning I don’t get paid unless you do through a winning settlement – so you have nothing to lose. Contact my firm today.


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