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Hit & Run Accidents in Georgia

Hit & Run Accidents in Georgia

Other than discovering that no one was seriously hurt, one of the only soothing things about a car accident is finding out that the other driver has appropriate insurance that will pay for your damages. But what happens if they don’t? What if they aren’t even there?

For hundreds of Georgia motorists ever year, this nightmare becomes a reality as they are involved in hit & run accidents. A negligent driver plows into them, sees the extent of the damage they have caused, and promptly and illegally flees the scene to try to escape responsibility. If this has happened to you, don’t lose hope. There are legal options you can pursue to set things right again.

Identifying the Accountable Driver

If you have any information about the car that hit you, there might be a chance for them to be identified. Also, keep in mind the people around you. They may have seen something that can be used to your advantage, so speak to them for testimonies, if possible.

Try to get basic identifiers of the vehicle that hit you, such as:

  • Color
  • Make
  • State license
  • Condition

You should also try to remember where it was coming from when it hit you, and where it went afterwards. The police may be able to track down a vehicle fitting your description easier if they know this information.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Even if you cannot successfully identify the responsible driver, you might be able to get a fair recovery from your insurance provider. Uninsured motorist coverage may provide something to compensate you for your damages, but it might not be enough. Or your company could be trying to deny your claim altogether. That is when a professional personal injury attorney can step in and fight for a fair settlement.

If you need help challenging your insurance company’s initial offer – or if you need to take the negligent driver to court for damages – you can rely on me, Attorney K. Douglas Cook. I have handled more than 3,000 cases in my 20+ years of legal service, and I work for competitively-low contingency fees. Would you like to know more about why I should be the Atlanta car accident attorney who represents you in your case? Call (678) 974-0432 today.


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