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Hoverboard Accidents on the Rise

Hoverboard Accidents on the Rise

Electronically-powered, two-wheeled hoverboards have led to a concerning string of accidents, injuries, and property damage ever since they grew in popularity in the holiday season of 2015. In the last three months alone, there were more than 50 accidents reported in America causing millions in damage to property and an unknown amount more in medical bills. From bursting into flames when the batteries malfunction to throwing riders off without warning, hoverboards quickly gained a reputation as unsafe among consumers, but manufacturers and officials have been slow to react.

In early February 2016, a teenager riding a hoverboard in Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates was killed after he was struck by a motorist. (Gulf News has a full story published here.) The teen had been traveling along the street at night, a behavior that is not warned against in most hoverboard instruction manuals. Although it has not been confirmed, this appears to be the first death linked to a hoverboard, and it may be what spurred the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to take action.

Hoverboards are Officially “Unsafe”

Citing fire hazards as the primary cause of concern, the CPSC has officially deemed any hoverboard that is not inspected and certified by third-party Underwriters Laboratory to be unsafe for use. As no hoverboards currently meet this standard, effectively all hoverboards pose a serious threat to a rider’s health.

Retailers with online and storefront presences have begun to pull hoverboards of all makes and models off their shelves. Airlines around the world, including Sharjah International Airport, are taking steps to bar passengers from bringing the devices onboard airplanes and are even confiscating them at airport security checkpoints. With so much official action taking place against hoverboards, it is unclear if these transportation devices will have any future.

Holding Negligent Manufacturers Accountable

As the evidence stacks against hoverboards, those who have been injured by them are starting to take legal action. If you have been hurt in a hoverboard accident, the Law Offices of K. Douglas Cook can help you file a claim against the responsible parties and seek fair compensation for your injuries or damages. Contact my firm’s Atlanta personal injury attorney today at (678) 974-0432 for more information.


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