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The Law Offices of K. Douglas Cook is a personal injury firm centered in Dunwoody but reaches communities all throughout the region. I am a Georgia native who has extensive experience handling cases in the state. I have been working in the legal sphere for more than 22 years and have handled over 3,000 personal injury cases.

A Little About Clayton County

Clayton County is a suburban county located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. If you are a resident of this suburban zone, I can help you with your personal injury case. Four major interstates cross through Clayton County as well as four U.S. highways and dozens of state routes. These busy roads can sometimes lead to serious car accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents.

Clayton County is best known as the official home of the beloved Margaret Mitchell novel and the classic movie, Gone With the Wind. The county is also home to over 235,000 people. If you live here and are injured in a collision, I want to help. My office is located in Atlanta, but I serve the five major counties that make up the metropolitan area. Whether you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, a workplace incident, a premises liability accident, a medical malpractice situation or a car collision, I can assist you.

What I Can Do for You

If you are suffering from an injury in Clayton County, I want to offer you passionate personal injury representation. I am very familiar with the hospitals in Clayton County and can provide doctor referrals in your area even if you don't have insurance. I am also well-acquainted with the courts in Clayton County and am not intimidated by them. Call me today if you want more information about how I can help you!

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